***** Update August 1, 2021 *****
In the 2021-2022 academic year – we are actively focused on hiring postdocs, research scientists, graduate students, and computational scientists with established expertise in neuroscience subdisciplines, including electrophysiology, synaptic plasticity, engrams, structural and functional neural circuit mapping, and 2-photon glutamate uncaging. If you are interested in  cross-training in chromatin biology, genomics technologies, and RNA-based mechanisms and excited about the prospects of understanding chromatin and RNA mechanisms encoding complex neurological phenotypes- contact Jenn at jcremins(at)seas(dot)upenn(dot)edu

**** Update August 1, 2021 *****
Jenn is looking for a unique individual to join the leadership team of the Cremins Lab. The individual will partner with Jenn and specifically lead a role encompassing all aspects of running the daily operations of the lab as both a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. This could be the role for you if you have finished your postdoc, have a passion for understanding chromatin architecture/synaptic plasticity/neural connectome/neurological disease, and desire to continue to work on the bleeding edge of research. This could be the role for you desire to stay working in discovery-based, academic science in a fast-paced, high-energy environment, but you desire more work-life balance than a classic PI position allows. This could be the perfect role for you if you have a strong natural inclination and skills in getting things done, keeping projects on timelines, managing the logistics of a large group, submitting yearly grant progress reports, publishing collaborative papers, financial strategic thinking, and technical assay development.
Contact Jenn at jcremins(at)seas(dot)upenn(dot)edu

We are actively hiring across multiple open positions!

If you are interested in 3D genome folding and epigenetic mechanisms regulating brain development and disease, send an email with your CV to Jennifer: jcremins(at)seas(dot)upenn(dot)edu

Postdocs: Highly motivated applicants are encouraged to send me an email, including a statement of research interests, career goals, and a CV.

Graduate Students: We welcome graduate students from nearly all graduate programs at Penn, including Bioengineering (BE), Neuroscience, Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB), Cell and Molecular Biology (CAMB), and Statistics programs.

Research Scientists and Technicians: We are hiring molecular biology, genomics, genome engineering, and cell biology wet lab research scientists and research technicians to join our team for periods of two years or longer. To apply for a position, please send an email describing your research interest, career goals, expected work schedule, and a copy of your CV.

Computational Analysts: We are actively hiring computational analysts with strong experience working with python and strong interest in finding biologically meaningful patterns in high-resolution genome folding data.