Daniel Emerson, Miriam Minsk, Ashley Cook, and Jordan Barnett publish their 3D genome and replication origins paper https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-022-04803-0

Spencer Haws is the recipient of the New York Stem Cell Foundation Druckenmiller Postdoc Fellowship. Congratulations Spencer, and welcome to the NYSCF community!

Brian Franklin passes his qualifying exam in the Cell and Molecular Biology graduate group. Congratulations Brian!

Katelyn R. Titus defends her PhD proposal and advances as a PhD candidate in Penn’s Bioengineering graduate program. Congratulations Kate!

Miriam Minsk will begin the MD/PhD program at UCSF in September 2022. Congratulations Miriam!

Emily J. Pickup passes her qualifying exam and advances as a PhD candidate in Penn’s Neuroscience graduate program. Congratulations Emily!